Steam Carpet & Rug Cleaning

We are one of the leading providers of professional sanitation services for the territory of Greater London. As such, we are the right company to turn to when you are looking for reliable and cost-effective steam carpet and rug cleaning services.

Carpet and rug cleaning by using the power of steam

Operating on a flexible schedule and with prices that truly have no match with any other contractor in the area, we are now capable of providing you with the ultimate carpet sanitation experience. With the help of the professional grade equipment and the powerful detergents that are being used by our trained and licensed experts, we are able to remove:

  • Dirt
  • Soil
  • Food and drink stains
  • Bad odour

Not only that but we treat your carpets and rugs deep in their fabrics, thus making the results that are being produced more durable. We do no harm the materials but rather prolong their life. In most cases the power of steam that our machines utilise is more than enough to deliver a most satisfactory steam carpet and rug cleaning service in Enfield Town. In those cases when the use of some cleaning product is warranted, we use such that are free of dangerous chemicals. We try to do what is best not only for your rugs, but for yours and your family’s health too.

You deserve the best and that’s what you get with us

The best part about our competitive and very effective steam carpet and rug cleaning service in Enfield Town is that despite its really high quality, it is very affordable too. £22 is the price for sanitising a small bedroom carpet, while that big piece in the living room will cost you just £25 to be treated by our trained and capable technicians. Not only that, but we offer some pretty nice and exclusive deals too. If you combine our steam rug and carpet sanitation offer with end of tenancy cleaning, you will be getting the first service with a 50% reduced price. All new clients get a £10 off deal when they book their first carpet cleaning over £100 with us. And there is much more.

24/7 availability of our helpful client support via phone and email

Get in touch with our helpful and very friendly team at the numbers provided on this page, or use the contact form on our website in order to inquire more about our prices, the methods being employed when delivering a service and further general information about Monster Cleaning Enfield Town. We are here for you at any time of the day and night and would be more than happy to work for you.